The Train

The Hawke's Bay Express, in all her custom designed splendour

Velvet covered cushioned seats, spacious carriages for comfort, tall opening windows, with a bell that rings and a whistle that blows, you’ll feel yourself transported back to a time when first-class meant swing music, polished wooden floors and crimson-tasseled curtains.

  • 18 months in building
  • Cost – more than expected
  • 35 local companies supplied components in the build
  • 400 m of cabling inside the carriages alone
  • 13 tonnes when loaded
  • 20 m long, 3.5 m tall, 2.2 m wide
  • Turning circle of only 14 metres
  • Carriages have four wheel steering which makes the rear of the carriage trace the front
  • Top speed 40km/ hour but brakes to a stop within 20 meters
  • First fully unrestricted road legal passenger road train in New Zealand
  • The look and feel of a full-size steam train
  • Every wheel is braked and there are two override brake systems
  • 14 entrance doors
  • Deck height of 30 cm
  • Large opening windows