City Tours

If you are looking for an outstanding way to get to know sunny Napier, one of our daily tours is your answer!

Join the Hawke’s Bay Express for a stylishly memorable experience of the world’s Art Deco Capital, Napier. Let us transport you through time, connecting you with this beautiful town in a way you’d never thought possible. As the bell rings and the whistle blows, you’ll feel yourself become part of an era when first-class meant swing music, polished wooden floors and crimson-tasseled curtains.

Hawke’s Bay Express City tours will run from 26th December 2016 through to 16th April 2017 but are subject to availability.

The Train

The ‘Express’ is a modern road train crafted to offer you the ultimate city tour and sightseeing experience, with features such as:

  • 24900_1369199240_11_24900
    • 14 wide entrance doors for luxuriously easy access
    • velvet covered cushioned seats on generously spacious carriage benches
    • truly tall windows leaving you free to take in every bit of the decorative detail

The Tour

With our informative and quirky commentary, outlining the history of the 1931 earthquake and the city’s subsequent Art Deco rebuilding, you’ll learn all about the city and region, about life and culture in New Zealand; you’ll hear about some local legends and the achievements of great New Zealanders, and you will gain an understanding of the Bay’s history and personal stories from the 5th generation Hawkes Bay family owners.

  • artdeco
    Art Deco architecture
  • cape-kidnappers
    View to Cape Kidnappers
  • custome-office
    Old Custom House

Experience tells us that it’s the unique things you remember most about your adventures as a tourist … and it doesn’t get much more unique than this.

The Hawke’s Bay Express, a luxurious road train that’s a steam train on the outside and a 1930s time warp inside, invites you to a full Art Deco Napier experience like no other!